Industry-wide Moment of Silence

Silent Tribute

Since the beginning of 2022, a total of six fatal accidents have occurred in the construction industry, which is a worrying situation. In addition to launching the “Life First” safety promotion campaign in May this year, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) also hopes to promote the safety awareness activity of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction's regular “silent tribute” event to the industry to further enhance site safety culture.

The purpose of hosting silent tribute events is to mourn the loss as well as to review the causes of related accidents, so that all stakeholders would be vigilant to avoid accidents and protect themselves. The CIC hopes that through the “silent tribute” events, every person in charge of the project would actively pay attention to and care for the workers. The workers must learn to protect themselves with “heart” and know how to say “No” to danger, so that everyone at the construction site would ensure the construction site safety.

The CIC proposed an industry-wide “Day of Moment of Silence” on 10 June 2022 (Friday). It is hoped that the main contractors of construction sites could hold “silent tribute” events at their construction sites and invite workers, representatives of subcontractors, clients and consultants to participate in the events. The CIC would provide guidelines and information for the “silent tribute” event for downloading from CIC website. We hope that your company will support and actively participate in the event of “Day of Moment of Silence” for construction industry and continue to implement it at the construction site to enhance everyone’s safety awareness, so that the spirit of the event can be conveyed to all levels of stakeholders. 

In view of the difference of construction sites and the risk of the epidemic, it is recommended that the main contractors could arrange a suitable place and time at the construction site for holding the “silent tribute” event to reduce crowd gathering and ensure proper social distancing among participants. 

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Demonstration of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction's Silent Tribute
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